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Everything I practice stems from my deep belief that food is medicine. From yoga to singing bowl healing to therapeutic massage, I will help you to recover from living a life of trauma. 

When we choose to make conscious, nourishing choices in our everyday meals, we connect our innate healing potential and take the rights of passage toward our health. We intentionally imbibe the habit of including health and wellness food in our diets. These choices are not based on scarcity, fashion diets, or yoyo dieting. Instead, my focus centers on the following:

Whole foods vegetables


Eating foods in their whole, natural formula, just as nature planned, makes all the nutrients more easily absorbed and used in your body. The key to improving your health and energy is to highlight a rainbow of fruits and vegetables while limiting processed "food-like products," Embrace health and wellness food –whole food consumption, it is the closest to the way you might encounter them at their origin!

Organic vegetables


When you use plants as the base and get-up-and-go for your meals, you can't help but make healthy choices. Plants are the richest, most munificent sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They contain hundreds of thousands of phytochemicals that contain disease-fighting properties that no "food-like product" could replicate. Add a fruit to your breakfast, leafy greens and another vegetable to lunch, and leafy greens and a few other veggies to your dinner.

Celeste London


I want to live a healthy and vibrant life. If you overindulge on alcohol, cheese, ice cream, processed foods on your weekend, accept it! And when you wake up on Monday morning, instead of feeling guilty about it, whip up a nutritious detox smoothie and get on with your day. The correct balance is about doing it sustainably. No food is entirely off-limits. It's as simple as learning which health and wellness foods make you feel good and removing the foods that make you feel exhausted.

Woman relief


Rather than trying to reduce the impact of failed health through medication, it is much wiser to pay attention to them. From a comprehensive nutrition approach, I explore the root of each client's situation to address the imbalances and fix them. I look at how all body systems communicate with and impact each other since your body is not a sum of organs, but a sophisticated, intelligent living multi-system organism. It takes time and patience, comprehensive work, and a committed client who will work end-to-end with me every step of the way. Together, we'll learn how to bring your body back into balance naturally, helping you achieve peace, energy, and perfect health.

Celeste London


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