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Hello Solo Mom, I am Celeste London, C.N.M.P, and the founder of Celeste London Inc. I am a Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, Singing Bowl Healer, and I’m currently pursuing massage therapy studies.

My journey into the healing field began with watching my daughter’s skin turn to red from eczema as an infant. I was lost at finding an alternative solution that would prevent her body from itching and bleeding at night. 

Attracting unhealthy relationships throughout my adult life was also another major reason I plunged myself into the healing process. After taking many forms of therapy, and personally diving into research, studies, theories, and trends, I couldn’t help but fall in love with holistic therapeutic medicine.

I have used my personal health journey as a solo mom over the past 20 years as the training ground for what I offer my clients. I pride myself in being a nutrition guide in Canada.

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I know how it feels to live a roller coaster ride of emotions; taking care of your children day to day, feeling confused, and even frustrated at not having a partner to help you out with the many responsibilities that accompany raising children. I know what it's like to be sick and become tired of temporary relief from diets, taking drugs that do not provide permanent solutions or living in a competitive world of females playing boss ladies to the sexy goddess, and taking care of a crying child.

Living a life as a solo mom is complicated because you’ve got to play multiple roles that seriously require a partnership all alone. In life, I appeared healthy to the outside world, but my body was entirely out of balance. To find answers for my traumatic relationship experiences, I hopped from one therapist to the next. Instead of addressing the root of my health issues, I was given a prescription after prescription, and yet I felt miserable. I never desired to live my life that way, and then I decided to become my personal healing health advocate.

After studying and practicing the healing art of food medicine from holistic nutrition school, I gradually began to heal my body from the inside out. Within a few months of cleansing and eliminating foods that were causing inflammation in my body, I started to heal my broken spirit and unresolved emotional trauma. I released undesirable, bottled emotions, my skin began to glow, and my energy was renewed. I got in the kitchen and cooked my way towards health. I engaged in all the activities that brought me joy and happiness.


I started to slow down quietly; I was in tune with my body and the messages it was trying to convey to me. I learned that white flour, meat, eggs, and dairy were unhealthy for my health, so I devised means to navigate a world without white pasta, white rice, bread, and cheese.

For my physical activity, I turned to therapeutic healing; yoga, singing bowl meditation practice. I began watching my thoughts, feelings, and emotions and in that process, I learned how to manage stress well. As my health improved, I was able to channel my energy into living an authentic life and discovering what truly made me happy. I derive great joy from seeing another solo mom take her power back and gain her strength by lifting herself up from any form of trauma.

My passion is to rejuvenate, restore, and redefine you on your path to holistic healing!


While embarking on my journey to healing, I received my Holistic Nutrition diploma from the Edison Institute of Nutrition, as well as a Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner from the Integrative Health Group. My educational background, as well as my life experience, allows me to guide, teach, and assist you in achieving perfect health.

Before I founded Celeste London Inc., I was tasked with helping people who were diagnosed with T2 diabetes to completely reverse it holistically. I currently teach a healing therapeutic yoga class in a community center in the East End of the GTA, Toronto, Canada.

I worked as a volunteer at the Wood Green Community Centre teaching single moms about the importance of healthy eating. I taught yoga for beginners at Tropicana Community Centre for the elderly so that they can know the importance of movement as they age and also serve as their nutrition guide in Canada.

I graduated in 2013 from the Edison Institute of Nutrition and received my Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner from The Integrative Health Group in 2016. I widened my path of self-healing and discovered singing bowl healing, along with a mini yogi certification, mindfulness, and meditation. Currently, I am working toward becoming certified in massage therapy studies. I am wholeheartedly committed to lifelong learning and will always be a student in the world of holistic nutrition, yoga, singing bowl healing, and spirituality.

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