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Hello Solo Driven Moms! I’m Celeste London C.N.M.P Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and currently studying Holistic Massage Therapy. I am the CEO and founder of Celeste London Restore, Rejuvenate and Re-define you. I have immersed myself in the studies of holistic health from Edison Institute of Nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and Integrative Health Group. I have a business background in Office Administration Executive and Certificates in other Holistic Modalities. In the last 20 years, I lived a life of broken stories, disappointments and unfulfilled self-prophecy of not knowing my true self. Living a life as a single mom has placed me in a situation to not only turn my sobbing life around but to create a legacy. Holistic medicine can and will heal those wounds that have been living inside you and is starving to get released. Through my own healing journey, I have discovered the power of food medicine and other healing principles that will awaken you.

Living as a solo driven mom
I know what it's like to be doing everything alone with no partner to help you with the kids and you live a life of dealing with the emotional roller coaster of emotions. It can be confusing, and frustrating to not have anyone to turn to. There is endless information about living single and being happy but how and where do I get to that place? I know what it's like to be sick and tired of temporary relief from shakes and pills and living in a competitive world of women in different stages of life. To find answers for my broken spirit from one disappointment after another I got to the root cause of my health issues, I was given prescription after prescription and I still felt miserable. I didn’t want to live my life this way, so I decided to become my own health advocate.
After studying and practicing the healing art of food medicine from mother earth, I gradually began to heal my body from the inside out. Within a few months of cleansing and eliminating foods that were causing inflammation in my body, my gut started to work properly, my energy was back. I got in the kitchen and cooked my way towards health. I engaged in all the activities that brought me joy and happiness.

I took my power back and my health
By simply slowing down and paying attention to what foods harm or heal me I became in tune with my body and the messages it was trying to send me. I learned that we are all biochemically unique and a one size fits all is not a lasting approach when it comes to healing ourselves and achieving optimal health. I began a practice called Celestial Singing bowl Meditation and Yoga Practice. I started listening to my thoughts, practicing positive affirmations and engaging in healing dance moves to keep my vibration high. As a solo driven mom, I learned how to manage stress more effectively. As my health improved, I was able to put my energy into living an authentic life and finding what made me truly happy. What makes me smile is watching a solo driven mom take her power back when she allowed someone to drain her of her feminine nurturing qualities. My passion is to rejuvenate, restore and help you re-define you on your path to holistic health

While embarking on my journey to healing, I received my diploma in Holistic Health, from Edison Institute of Nutrition, Canadian school of Natural Nutrition and Integrative Health Group. Prior to Celeste London Rejuvenate, Restore, Re-define You, I wrote a book on Diabetes 2 Nutrition where I specialised in healing and helping people living with T2 diabetes reverse it completely. My book can be found on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.ca/Diabetes-2-Nutrition-Celeste-London-ebook/dp/B06XXGCKTW

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